Wing Wednesday at BubsTomorrow is Wing Wednesday. You know what that means? Time to roll up your shirt sleeves and go indulge in your favorite Buffalo Wing spots in La Jolla or San Diego.

Most Buffalo Wing places have specials on Wing Wednesday, like Bubs’s 50 cent wing special. If you’re looking for a casual, unhealthy meal for a Wednesday evening, we highly recommend Bub’s at the Ballpark in downtown San Diego.

The only thing that I can speak for is their Buffalo Wings, because why order anything else at a wings restaurant? Wings seem like a simple matter. Most people drop them in the deep fryer, then smother them in some red volcanic molten-looking sauce. Not Bub’s, though, Bub’s does it differently.

First, I need to make the disclaimer that Bub’s at the Ballpark is technically a pub, so you can’t bring the children after a certain time, and you’ll need to bring your ID. It’s a very fun atmosphere. There are TVs everywhere, so you can catch any televised sporting event imaginable, like your favorite women’s Curling game. They also show the UFC fights, so if you’re looking for a step up from Buffalo Wild Wings, this is the place to go. They have a huge selection of beers and pub games, including hoops for the kids to shoot some basketball. If you’re less concerned about the atmosphere, they have a large outside patio area, where you can feast in peace.

They put thought into their sauce and preparation. Their sauces have a complexity of flavor. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that their wing recipes came down from heaven’s own personal cook book. They have eighteen different wing flavors, like your regular buffalo, mango habanero, and so forth (which are amazing). But, my all-time favorite sauces are the Archie and Carolina Gold.

If you like a spicy wing, the Archie sauce has a slight heat to it. It’s Bub’s secret recipe, which is a mixture of Buffalo, honey mustard, and other secret ingredients. It’s the perfect amount of vinegar, spice, sweet, and pretty much every flavor I love on my chicken wings. Instead of dropping their wings in the deep fryer, Bub’s grills them up fresh, so they come out with a nice crispy chargrilled exterior. The centers of the wings are succulent and tender, so you don’t have to work like a carnivorous canine to get the meat away from the bone.

My second favorite flavor wing, the Carolina Gold tastes like they were touched by King Midas himself. Carolina Gold is a sweet mustard based sauce, instead of a buffalo base. However, I will admit that if you’re a sucker for spicy sauces, this isn’t your best bet. It’s a nice in-between flavor if you need to cool down from their spicy buffalo or Sambal Sriracha flavors.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can try their Russian Roulette basket, which is a basket of 10 wings – 9 of the wings are buffalo, and one of them is a “spicy bullet.” This game is for the bravest of souls out there. I’ve also heard great reviews on their “Hawaiian Plum Sauce,” though I haven’t tried it myself.

You’ll need a side dish to clean the tasty sauces off your fingers. I’d recommend the basket of tater tots. They also have sweet potato tots if you’re all paleo. I will say that the basket is pretty large, which is perfect to split up on Wing Wednesday. After all, you’ll probably want to fill up on the tasty wings. The tots are just there to wipe our fingers on. That’s not to say that the tots aren’t tasty, because they are amazing, too. If you truly want to indulge, you can spruce your tots up by getting them smothered in cheese.

Remember, it’s okay to be a glutton on Wing Wednesday. After all, they’re only 50 cents!