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Running a local business is difficult. I personally understand, because I run my own business. Most people don’t think of dental practices as local businesses, but it can be a struggle to establish a brand and gain new patients. Maintaining a successful local business requires a lot of diligence. More importantly, it also requires support from the community.

Communities are shaped by the vibrancy of their local businesses. La Jolla doesn’t have a shortage of local businesses, but there are still more corporate chains with bigger budgets that make it difficult to keep your business thriving.  With that being said, I’m embarking on an initiative to connect with other independently owned businesses in the La Jolla and San Diego areas. I’d like to bring your business to my patient’s attentions, and direct new foot traffic through your doors.

I started this blog with the intention of promoting dental health to my patients. I also wanted to promote community involvement by announcing positive community events. I decided to extend the goal of my blog to direct my readers to positive businesses in our community. Whether you own a restaurant, veterinarian clinic, or another type of business, I’d like to help shine the spotlight on your local business to bring new customers through your door.

With all of the tourist attractions in our area, it’s important that we keep our local businesses eclectic and thriving. If you’d like to have your business featured on our blog, fill out the form at the bottom of this page with a short brief on what your business is all about.

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