baby chiropracticsAt Stephen Lockwood, DMD, we’re firm believers that your dental health directly affects your body on a holistic level. In the same train of thought, we also believe that your spinal health affects your entire health and well-being.

In the La Jolla and San Diego area, there are a lot of franchise chiropractors that claim to have quick fixes for spinal pain and injuries. We highly recommend choosing a reputable local chiropractor.

At Mulford Chiropractic Spine & Sport Clinic in La Jolla, you can trust your spinal health in the hands of a skilled, compassionate, and innovative local physician.

Unlike franchise practices, Dr. Rachelle Mulford has worked hard for the education and experience to brand herself as one of the best chiropractors in the region.

About Dr. Mulford

Dr. Mulford’s success as a chiropractor comes from her education and experience in an array of wellness practices. Dr. Mulford attained her Doctorate of Chiropractics from Palmer College of Chiropractic West, a prestigious chiropractic institution.

She’s board certified in Chiropractic Sports Medicine, clinical nutrition, functional medicine, low level laser technology, chiropractic pediatrics, as well as a diplomate in a variety of other practices. Like any good doctor, Dr. Mulford continually expands her education to remain up-to-date on the most innovative practices in chiropractics and sports medicine.

While Dr. Mulford can help you tackle any chiropractic issue, her emphasis lies in sports injuries. Her passion for sports injuries has led her to volunteer for the United States Olympic Committee, where she was accepted as a sports medicine doctor.

Beyond her expertise, Dr. Mulford is a compassionate provider, who genuinely cares about helping our community. Unlike big box docs, Dr. Mulford continually extends herself by volunteering for different charities and organizations throughout the community. Some of the organizations that she volunteers for, include: habitat for humanity, meals on wheels, St. Vincent’s Homeless Outreach program, American Red Cross, catholic charities, and the list goes on.

Proven Results at Mulford Chiropractic Spine & Sport Clinic

A lot of the time, chiropractics make large claims that aren’t followed through — this is not the case with Mulford Chiropractics. We’ve heard countless stories from different patients that have had their back pains cured by Dr. Mulford’s treatments. She treats you with compassion, making it her mission to get to the bottom of your pain, instead of trying to find quick fixes.

Through science-based practices, she will pinpoint the exact cause of your pain, and give you a step-by-step treatment plan. She’s not shy about educating her patients, so you feel confident with all of your treatments. For instance, if she decides that you need exercise, supplements, or biofreeze, she will tell you the function of each treatment step.

Unlike some chiropractors, she views her patients as humans that need to be helped, instead of dollar signs to fill her coffers. You can tell from your first visit, that Dr. Mulford is knowledgeable and loves her job. Throughout your treatments, you can expect open communication with Dr. Mulford. She even sends follow-up e-mails, reminding you to continue your stretches and exercises. She will offer recommendations, and make sure that you’re comfortable with all of her suggestions and don’t feel pressured into treatments.

We’ve also heard wonderful reviews of her nutrition plans. One little birdie told us that they lost 30 pounds with her diet plan. Not to mention, her office is open during convenient hours, so she’s flexible for all of her patient’s busy schedules. She will do everything in her power to help you reach optimal health on all levels. Under Dr. Mulford’s guidance, you can expect to get on the road to a healthier and happier life.