Dog training at PawtopiaWith the busy nature of life, it can be hard to find the time to train your dog, especially if you have a stubborn and high-energy canine.

Pawtopia, a local pet training company in La Jolla, offers a variety of training classes for different level dogs. Like most local businesses, Pawtopia sets the standards to big box trainers, like Petco, because they’re passionate about their work.

They genuinely care about the health and well-being of your animal. They want you to enjoy your pets to the fullest extent, so they’ll help you learn the best ways to interact with your dog.

Pawtopia’s Story

Since 2002, Pawtopia has provided hands-on dog training for our community. In the past 14 years, they’ve been voted the best dog training business in San Diego numerous times.

Pawtopia excels because they operate under the philosophy that every dog has a different learning style – instead of assuming that all dogs are simple and food motivated. Before jumping into training, you’ll have an initial consultation, where your trainer meets you and your dog. They’ll ask you exactly what you want from your training program, so they can ensure that you reach your goals.

Sometimes pet owners instill bad habits into their dogs without even realizing it. They understand that the biggest factor adding up to your dog’s training success is the owner. With that being said, they’ll take the time to make sure that you know how to manage your dog’s behavior and cut out bad habits.

All of the trainers at Pawtopia are Certified Pet Dog Trainers, and they’re handpicked through a rigorous screening process. They also have to pass an apprentice program at Pawtopia, before they’re allowed to jump right into the job. They believe that every dog, no matter the age or breed is trainable. Depending on the difficulty and social level of your dog, they offer private training classes or group classes.

With the private training classes, the trainer will come directly to your house to work with your animal. In the group classes, there are different levels including the basic obedience, advanced obedience, paws pounding pavement (for city dogs), agility training, and a good citizen preparation course. For your convenience, you can pay for your training per session, instead of having to pay for large programs upfront.

We’ve heard countless stories of Pawtopia reversing animal behaviors. One story was an aggressive Yorkshire Terrier, who was having a difficult time socializing with the other dogs in the household. She was also aggressive with her food, barked like crazy, and would even nip at her owners. After 3 sessions with a trainer at Pawtopia, the Yorkie was (and her owners) experienced a complete 180.

If you’re curious about Pawtopia, and their credentials, you can see the awards on their website. You can also see their trainer’s credentials and experience. From the initial consult, you can tell that the trainers at Pawtopia are professional, kind, and passionate about training your pet. They won’t rush through teaching you or your dog until you reach your pet training goals.