On Superbowl Sunday, oral health typically won’t be the first thing on people’s mind. a few simple tips can keep dental damage to a minimum. Some foods commonly served at Super Bowl parties are harmless, but foods that contain a lot of acid, sugar and staining substances can wreak havoc on your teeth. Keep these few tips in mind as you’re rooting for your favorite team this Sunday.

Try The Good Party Foods

Foods that are good for your teeth often are fresh, healthy foods as well. While not many people will only stick to these foods simply for their dental health, including some in the mix can mitigate staining to your teeth. This means that giving the veggie and cheese tray a chance at your next party is choice your teeth will be thankful for.

Beware The Beverages

Aside from water and unsweetened green tea, it can be difficult to find a beverage that won’t harm your teeth. Sugar is added to most drinks for taste, but with this addition comes one of the worst ingredients for your dental health. If you plan to enjoy sugary sodas and cocktails while watching the Super Bowl this year, be aware of the extra sugar accumulating on your teeth and plan to brush soon afterward.

Even Beer Can Harm Your Teeth

Arguably the most popular product at any Super Bowl party will be beer. Although it doesn’t contain nearly the amount of sugar in other alcoholic drinks, it makes up for that with an above average acid content. When acid gets on the teeth, it relentlessly eats at the enamel and severely weakens the tooth. If you plan on having a few brews, be aware that the acid is harmful to the teeth until you remove it by brushing.

Don’t Chomp The Ice

An often overlooked cause of dental injuries and damage comes from chewing on ice. If you’ve had this habit your whole life, you may think you’re immune to the dangers. However, it’s been proven that chomping on ice creates micro-fractures in the teeth. Although small, these micro-fractures reduce the integrity of your teeth and can lead to worse problems in the future.

Which Foods Are Bad For Your Teeth?

 Generally, the food groups that are bad for your oral care include sugars and starches. It’s no surprise that sugars are terrible for the teeth, but starches are comparably bad. This includes bread, crackers and other grain-based foods. To mitigate the negative effect of starchy foods, it’s important to thoroughly clean your teeth after consuming these type of culinary options.

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