Why Dental Implants?

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When people think about tooth loss they think about the aesthetic damages. While no one likes a gap in their smile, there are other things you should be concerned about if you’re missing teeth. We receive a number of patients at our La Jolla, CA dental practice suffering from an oral infection, and it’s very common for these problems to be caused by tooth loss. Large gaps between the teeth are inherently more difficult to clean and when dental hygiene is inadequate the likelihood of contracting a dental disease significantly increases. Tooth loss can actually lead to a variety of oral and emotional health complications that are better off avoided by having a missing tooth replaced by a dental implant, which is one of the few restorative treatments that can comprehensively safeguard your dental and overall wellbeing.

How Tooth Loss Can Affect Your Health

Large open spaces between the teeth can act as food traps and these can be challenging to clean. Unless dental hygiene is meticulous, the loss of teeth can raise the risk of attracting harmful bacteria that will ferment the carbohydrates of leftover particles into a tissue-eroding acid. These bacteria are responsible for tooth decay, which you may know as a cavity, and gum disease, both of which can extend throughout the mouth and may even result in further tooth loss if left untreated. By plugging that gap in your smile with a natural-looking crown, dental implants can help protect your oral health.

If left untreated, tooth loss can also lead to jawbone deterioration. The jaw needs to periodically regenerate bone tissue to repair any tears or strain on existing tissue. To accomplish this, it relies on the teeth to transmit the force and pressure of daily activities, such as when you eat or talk, to the bone tissue. This exercise stimulates the process of bone growth and helps to make sure that the jaw remains strong and healthy. If a tooth is missing, that connection between movements of the jaw and the underlying bone structure may no longer be in place and bone loss may set in. Overtime, jawbone deterioration can lead to changes in the shape of the face and can even result in the premature wrinkling of the skin around the jawline, adding years to your appearance.

By replacing a lost tooth with an artificial tooth root and a crown, dental implants can help eliminate bone loss. They can even help to reverse any changes to the jawbone, including restoring your facial appearance. As it turns out, many of our La Jolla, CA patients choose dental implants as an anti-aging solution, especially if they were missing a tooth or were using removable dentures, since these do not provide the same health benefits as implants.

Enhance Your Quality of Life with Dental Implants

According to a study presented to the American Association for Dental Research (AADR), missing teeth are associated with a significantly higher likelihood of suffering from depression and anxiety. Our smiles play a large role in determining how happy we are with ourselves and where we are in life, because they impact how we see ourselves and how others perceive us. Being unhappy with the shape our teeth are in can affect our interactions with others, whether at home or at work. It can also change how others interact with us, as social biases tend to prize strong, healthy smiles. Worse of all, these effects can feed off of each other, which can only make the issue worse over time. By replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant, you can feel confident about your first impression and about yourself.

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