Dental Implants vs Dentures

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Do you want a restorative solution that promises to move around in, or even fall out, of your mouth or one that virtually ensures lifelong stable support for your dental crowns?

Advancement in dental implant technology over the past two or three decades has condemned the partial denture to a second-tier status in terms of quality and benefits. In fact, exchanging ill-fitting dentures for strong, stable dental implants is a very popular procedure amongst our La Jolla, CA patients. Removable dentures can’t match the numerous health benefits, the aesthetic advantages, or the myriad conveniences of dental implants. In reflection of implants’ superiority, there is a growing consensus in the medical profession that dental implants are the new standard of dental care.

A Question of Convenience

In terms of the amount of work you’ll have to put into maintaining either dental implants or dentures, there is no comparison between the two. Removable partial dentures come with intense cleaning instructions and require special cleaning solutions, which will need to be used each and every day. Furthermore, to keep dentures clean throughout the day, you’ll need to use a special brush to lightly scrub them under warm water. In comparison, tooth implants are maintained just like natural teeth. Just make sure to brush them a minimum of twice a day, floss on a daily basis, and make sure to schedule routine dental checkups — no additional instructions, no special solutions, no time wasting.

Dental Implants: Unrivaled Longevity

Removable dentures and dental bridges require replacing every five to seven years on average. In the case of dentures, they tend to become ill-fitting over time, becoming prone to shifting or moving around. This can lead to the irritation of the gums and the inside walls of your mouth, making routine activities — such as chewing and talking — uncomfortable. Dentures have even been known to fall out of the patient’s mouth.

Dental implants, on the other hand, provide a stable support system for your permanent replacement teeth for the rest of your life, provided that you make sure to follow standard guidelines for maintaining good oral hygiene. A healthy tooth implant will never move around or loosen in your mouth; neither do they need to be removed for cleaning or maintenance. They are a permanent tooth replacement treatment, acting essentially as an artificial tooth root, which will continue to provide lifetime benefits. Implants allow you to enjoy your gorgeous smile without having to worry about future inconveniences and annoyances.

Dental Implants and Your Oral Health

Neither do dentures offer the same health benefits as dental implants. While dentures can help avoid changes in the spacing between teeth by making sure your natural teeth can’t shift into the empty space left behind by a missing tooth, they don’t offer the same protections as implants when it comes to eliminating bone loss in the jaw.

Jawbones undergo a natural bone regeneration process that’s stimulated by the daily strain of the existing bone tissue. Our natural teeth are usually what act as intermediaries between the exercise our jaws get from chewing, talking, drinking, et cetera and the underlying bone. When a tooth goes missing, that transmission of pressure and force to the jawbone is lost and the affected area may begin to lose density. Removable dentures are typically unable to replace that function of the tooth, meaning that over time your jaw will continue to shrink — over the long term, this can lead to facial deformation.

Dental implants can eliminate jawbone loss. By integrating with the underlying bone structure through osseointegration, implants do fulfill that crucial role of helping to exercise the jaw, helping it stay strong and healthy. In fact, patients who have suffered from tooth loss and the consequence changes to the appearance of their face often choose dental implants for the specific purpose of eliminating bone loss and restoring their natural appearance. But, not only do tooth implants help protect against bone loss; they also help to safeguard your health from potentially dangerous tooth decay and gum disease, two oral health problems that could very lead to further tooth loss.

Boost your Quality of Life Today

Given their unrivaled strength, endurance, and stability, the advantages of dental implants over alternative tooth replacement treatments, including removable partial bridges, are clear. Ensure your dental wellbeing and choose the permanent solution by scheduling your complimentary consultation with Dr. Stephen Lockwood today at our La Jolla, CA office.