Dental Implant Process

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Today, dental implants are a remarkably safe procedure — 95–98 percent of treatments are successful. This statistic is not coincidence, though. Choosing the right dentist can make all the difference between a successful and a failed tooth implant. There are a number of factors any dentist should consider during the treatment, and not all doctors pay the same amount of attention to their patients’ needs. At our La Jolla, CA office the patient, you, is our foremost priority, which is why we practice a four-stage dental implants process. Our goal is to provide you with a smile you can be proud of, while simultaneously ensuring that you remain in top notch dental and overall health.

Stage I: Comprehensive One-on-One Consultation

The road to a beautiful smile starts with a consultation at our La Jolla, CA office, during which you’ll speak to tooth implant provider Dr. Stephen Lockwood. Our main concern is to understand your needs and desires, so that we can deliver the results you seek. To that end, we encourage you to bring your questions and concerns. During the consultation, Dr. Lockwood will also look at your oral anatomy so that you and he can discuss which treatment option is best for you. If you decide that dental implants are the ideal treatment for you, we’ll go ahead and schedule a visit for the implants procedure.

Stage II: Dental Implants Procedure

Before any permanent replacement teeth can be fitted, the implant fixture has to be placed along the jawbone. This is accomplished in a relatively simple procedure, which involves Dr. Lockwood installing the titanium fixture with a small dental drill underneath the gum line and into the jaw. During the surgery you should feel minimal discomfort, and Dr. Lockwood may administer a general or local anesthetic to minimize any soreness you may feel. Once the implant is in place, we will suture the opening in the gums and prepare you for the healing phase of the process.

Stage III: Healing and Recovery

After the dental implant fixture has been inserted, you’ll enter a three to six month healing period. While the implant site heals, a process known as osseointegration is occurring below the surface. The installation of the implant stimulates the generation of new bone tissue, which expands right up to the surface of the fixture to tightly hold it in place. It’s largely thanks to osseointegration that dental implants provide many of the benefits they do. Because they essentially become natural parts of your oral anatomy, tooth implants will never shift, move, or loosen in your mouth. Furthermore, if well maintained, they can provide strong and stable support for natural-looking, permanent replacement teeth for the rest of your life.

As the healing stage comes to an end, you’ll return to our La Jolla, CA office to have an abutment attached to each implant fixture. The abutment is a connector that anchors the crown into the artificial tooth root and it can be placed either under or above the gum line, depending on the unique characteristics of the patient’s mouth. Following the attachment of the abutment, it’s time to start fitting your new dental prostheses.

Stage IV: Completing Your Smile

The final step to the dental implants process is to “try-in” your new permanent replacement teeth. During one or more appointments, Dr. Lockwood will methodically and accurately match your new crowns to your natural teeth, making sure they’re nearly indistinguishable in size, shape, and color. After a few finishing touches, he will mount them onto the dental implants and you’ll finally be able to take a look at your refreshed and reinvigorated smile. There’s nothing more satisfying than walking out of our La Jolla, CA office with a grin you’ll be proud to show off.

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The marvelous results achieved through dental implants make the investment well worthwhile. There is no other restorative treatment that can offer the same benefits, which is precisely why implants have overtaken dental bridges and removable dentures as the leading tooth loss solution. Help safeguard your health and contact our La Jolla, CA practice to schedule your no-obligation one-on-one consultation with Dr. Lockwood today!