Dental Implant Benefits

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The miraculous results dental implants can achieve are best illustrated through the story of Alex Kerr, a young woman who lost six of her front teeth after being hit by a car while she was cycling in the English town of Milton Keynes. Exasperated because the national healthcare system wouldn’t cover the costs of restorative dental work, Ms. Kerr was treated to dental implants by a local dentist who had heard of her case. The procedure’s results are nothing short of astounding. Replacing her lost teeth with artificial replacement teeth, tooth implants have restored the luster to her smile and allowed her to regain the confidence she had lost after her accident. At our La Jolla, CA practice, we want to offer that experience to you.

Benefits of Dental Implants

By integrating directly with the jawbone, tooth implants are able to provide incredibly robust support for one more permanent replacement teeth. Because they effectively become part of the natural anatomy of your mouth, implants also have the advantage of being permanent and long-lasting. Indeed, a well-maintained implant can last a lifetime. What does “well-maintained” mean? That’s the best part! Just like a natural tooth, dental implants need only to be brushed at least twice a day and flossed daily. It’s also highly encouraged you to routinely visit our La Jolla, CA office for more comprehensive cleanings, to remove accumulated plaque.

Just as impressive is how close to natural teeth implant-supported dental prostheses look like. At our La Jolla, CA office, implant provider Dr. Stephen Lockwood methodically compares your crowns with your other teeth, to make sure they complement each other in size, shape, and color. The end result is a renewed smile that looks and feels completely natural. Dentures and bridges can’t always deliver results of this quality, which is why patients across the globe regularly choose dental implants for their tooth replacement needs.

Tooth implants not only look and feel like natural teeth, they also perform many of the same functions. Missing teeth can often weaken your bite by affecting the underlying bone tissue, which in turn can cause pain in the jaw. Dental implants can restore your bite’s strength, which also helps to eliminate any soreness felt where the upper and lower jaws connect. Likewise, just like real teeth, implants also stimulate bone tissue reproduction in the jaw, which helps keep the bone strong and healthy. Other tooth replacement treatments don’t always provide these benefits, which can lead to changes in the shape of the jawbone and the position of your teeth — that’s why many of our patients often seek our expertise in exchanging their dentures with tooth implants.

What’s most remarkable of all is how safe the procedure is. In the hands of an expert implants dentist, such as Dr. Lockwood, the treatment boasts of the amazing success rate of 95–98 percent!

Start the Journey Towards a Gorgeous Smile

Dental implants, which provide strong and stable support for one or more dental prostheses, are a lifetime solution to tooth loss. Given their myriad benefits, it’s no surprise that patients and doctors alike prefer tooth implants to other teeth replacement treatments. A revitalized smile is only an easy-to-finance and convenient treatment away; contact our La Jolla, CA office to schedule your no-obligation, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Lockwood today!