We are not fooling ourselves, of course there are
better things than having a new crown inserted.
But we can do something to make it as quick and
pleasant as possible. Are you interested?

Then ask me about CEREC by Sirona


After the consultation, a camera captures
the area to be treated

The dental prosthesis is then created as
a 3D model on the computer

The restoration created on the computer is
subsequently milled from a ceramic block

The fnished ceramic restoration is
inserted just a little while later


No unpleasant impression material

Say goodbye to biting on impression material for
several minutes, having a numb mouth and jaw ache.
Your dentist now has a camera that can capture your
full dentition in seconds and then transfer this to the

No bothersome temporary prosthesis

Temporary prostheses are exactly what the
name suggests: temporary. With CEREC the
fnal prosthesis is inserted directly without
any temporary compromises needed.

No follow-up appointment

CEREC enables your dentist to insert esthetic ceramic crowns or partial crowns in a single session.

The advantage of this is that only one appointment is necessary, which means only one injection, and then you can deal with other things than visits to the dentist.

Long-term stability

More than just a theory: With CEREC you can rely on
quality that has been proven millions of times over in
the practice. Furthermore, thanks to your new dental
prosthesis made by CEREC, your smile will be just as
lovely many years later as it is directly after receiving
the prosthesis